Grande Utopia Analyzer for Renoise 3.0.1

Today I released a new funky, not too serious, xrnx tool for Renoise called “Grande Utopia Analyzer”. It’s an audio signal analyzer which simulates the famous Focal Grande Utopia EM Hifi speakers:

grande_analyzerThe analyzer listens to the left and right audio channels on the master track, and moves the various speaker cones incl. tweeter according to the audio stream’s frequency content. While it’s primarily a fun tool, the analyzer should display the frequency content correctly (approximatively): Sub from 20..80Hz, bass fromĀ  80..220Hz, mids from 220..2200Hz, tweeter from 2200..18.200Hz.

If one clicks on Dirk Nowitzki, a little fact sheet is shown. Check it out:

grande_analyzer_factSince Renoise API actually doesn’t support videos or animated gifs, the biggest problem was to implement the various animations. But I think I’ve found a nice solution which isn’t too hard on the CPU.

Also, it was necessary to insert various signal followers onto the master track: each speaker segment needs a dedicated signal follower – this is unfortunately quite a big dsp chain. Actually I wanted to encapsulate this chain into a doofer device, but the scripting API doesn’t support scripting of doofers – argh !

Further, the analyzer can be persistently enabled / disabled via tools menu and hotkeys:

grande_analyzer_menuDownload and installation:

IMPORTANT HINT: works also for Renoise 3.0.0, but only in mono mode, because of a bug in the signal follower device. I discovered this bug during the development of this tool, and it was fixed in latest Renoise 3.0.1 release.

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